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Photography by Jim and Lynda McLennan

Lynda McLennan has been the photographer for

Highfield Stock Farm since 2013.

In addition to her work for HSF, Lynda’s photos have appeared in numerous books and outdoor magazines over the past 30 years. She also enjoys photographing dance and weddings, and is experienced in designing brochures and CD covers.

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography,
Lynda’s attention to detail shows in her photographs, and she is known by her clients to be accommodating and easy to work with.

Lynda is available for all your photography needs. Please contact her at [email protected]

Jim has used the camera to illustrate many of his books and magazine articles for his outdoor writing career. Though much of that work now is done

by Lynda, he still pushes a shutter button
from time to time.

photography Alberta

Bug Mugs for Christmas or anytime!

We have 4 example of Bug Mugs.   You can purchase those already made or you can decide
hat you would like on your mug.

Example:   Up to 6 photos - real bugs and illustrations,  

Rivers, bugs, fish.

Fish only.

Don't know what to get for gifts.
Your imagination can make your mug special for your partner or fly fishing friend.

You could also send me a photo(s) and I will design and order your mug for you.

Cost:  $20.00  + shipping.

Send us an email to order.

2022 Calendars    

Looking forward to your orders!  Thanks for your support.   If you would like to order in advance please let me know.   This will also help me to know how many to order.  

I appreciate your support!

A note from Lynda: I was not going to put together a calendar this year. Prices have gone up, and
who really needs a paper calendar these days?  However as the days went by I found there to be
so much stress, depression and uncertainty going on, I decided that perhaps our photos
could bring some joy and hope each month of the coming year.

We have not one but three distinct calendars for 2021

Sold Out 

Thanks for your support.

1:  An Encouragement Calendar - a biblical scripture each month;    12 photos

2:  2021 Alberta and Beyond  - a selection of landscapes, wildlife, children, horses. 
Something for everyone; 30 photos

3:  The Photography and Art of Lynda McLennan - Obviously we have to have fly-fishing content, so the subjects in this one are Trout and Trout Food. This is my first attempt to sell my art. I'm hoping there are a few fly fishers out there who will appreciate these images;  42 Photos and Illustrations

Cost: $20.00 each gst included.  + shipping.

Please have a look through the samples below.  Thank you in advance for your support.  

Send us an email to order.

2020 Calendars

Limited edition. 

Cost:  $20.00 per calendar. Includes gst and shipping

McLennan 2020 Calendar

If you would like to order your gift calendar for yourself or clients please send us an email.

We order a limited number each year and it's a way to share some of our world with you.

We have about a dozen calendars remaining.      Thanks for your interest.

You can find our photography in the following places:

New to our world:   Strung Magazine

Fly Fisherman Magazine

Fly Fusion Magazine

Highfield Stock Farm

Outdoor Canada

Pointing Dog Journal

The Alberta Fishing Guide

Murakami Design / High Lonesome Ranch