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Welcome to Our Website

2023 School Dates
Will be available soon. 

York Creek Weekend is set for

August 18,19,20, 2023.

Gift Certificates are available. 

Here you will get a glimpse into our world of

fly fishing, writing, music,
photography and art.

You will find changes, last-minute opportunities 
and other information.

Check back often so you don't miss anything.

Stay in touch.

Jim and Lynda

McLennan Fly Fishing School Update

Hello Folks,

Now booking  for our

York Creek Weekend 2023.  

If you have any questions please send us an email. 

If you don't see something you would like.... send us

 an email and we can chat further.  

We are beginning to look at our 2023 season.

We can put something specific together
just for you!

We look forward to another great season!!

Jim and Lynda


Essays on Fly Fishing

New Book Has Arrived

Jim's fifth book, Trout Tracks, is now available!!

If you'd like to give someone a gift certificate for the book, or pre-order yourself send us an email. To find out about the book, visit our books and writing page.

Music Performances with Jim McLennan

Jim McLennan's One Tune Concerts

and the
Home Bound Concerts are available on Youtube

More information

Music performances are updated on our music page. 

Please check them out we would love to see you there and share our music with you.

Learn More about these concerts


Jim's latest Magazine Articles


2022 Shooting Sporting      July-August 
The Opener - Capturing the Moment

               Photography by Lynda McLennan


2022 Alberta Fishing Guide

2022 Fly Fusion

Strung magazine      Volume 3 Issue 4

         Feature Article 
         HUNS: Where the grain meets the grass  page 44

2021 Fly Fusion.   Volume 19 Issue.      The Gear Issue

Feature Article

 Birth of An Obsession.    page 12

 and Water Marks

 You Should Learn This. (Double Haul)


2021 Fly Fisherman Magazine
The Migration.  Page 14

Desecrating the Crown (of the Continent)

2021 FlyFusion     Volume 18 Issue 3

  Water Marks:    How to Defile a Wilderness

   Important for all Albertans to read.

2021 Alberta Fishing Guide

Feature: Taking the Fly-Fishing Plunge

Strung magazine:  The Upland Issue

           First and Last by Jim McLennan

           Photos by Lynda McLennan

More information on Jim's writing and books.

Coal In Alberta

Most of you who receive our newsletters are aware of the possibility of increased open-pit coal mining in Alberta and are fully aware of the dire consequences this would have on the foothills and mountains of western Alberta, including its trout streams. This is the biggest threat to this area that we have encountered in our 50-plus-year love affair with the wild country and its trout streams.


Here are four things we're asking you to do:

1.Educate yourself about the issue.

Visit for information, updates and suggested ways to take action

2.Complete the Alberta government's coal policy survey here:

3.  Watch this video, put together by our good friends at Fish Tales Fly Shop:

4.Make the situation known to your friends, especially those outside the fly-fishing community. Many people are unaware or unconcerned about this, and we need to make them aware.

5. Take action.