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Jim and Lynda

McLennan Fly Fishing Schools, Alberta, Calgary

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On this page we will give you a quick glance at events that are coming up soon, 

in all areas of our world.

You will find performance dates, school dates, and changes, last-minute opportunities and other information.

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Just Added 

July 7   Befriending the Bow

July 8  1-Day Intensive for 4 

More information on our School page.

McLennan Introductory Fly Fishing Schools

These schools are for folks who are:

     Total beginners.

     Folks who have been given equipment and are ready to put it to good use.

     Folks who have been spin or regular fishing for a number of years and want to move to the fly fishing world.

     Folks who used to fish and now want to get back into using that equipment hidden in the closet.

     Folks who have fished for some time but have never taken any lessons.  This school will fill in the blanks and make their days on the river more enjoyable.

     Parents who are wanting to introduce their children (10/11 years old +) to their world of fly fishing.  Come and share the day.


What to expect:   An understanding of:

     Fly fishing equipment.  

          - what to look for when buying equipment.

          - what equipment I need to buy and what is nice to have.

     Trout Food.  What do I need to know about what trout eat so I can use the correct fly             pattern.    What are dry flies, nymphs and streamers? What are mayflies, caddis flies and stoneflies? What terrestrials can I use?     

      Casting - dry land casting sessions that will bring you accurate and easy casting for a life time of enjoyment. We make sure your equipment works well for you.

      Connecting - 2 essential knots I will need to know on the river.

          - how do I work with my leader for fishing with a dry fly, nymph and streamer.

     Fishing Techniques - how do I fish with a dry fly, nymph and streamer?

     On-the-Water practise - putting it all together. 

Come and join us.  

Introductory School Dates:

May 5/6

May 12

May 26/27

June 2/3

July 7/8

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2018 Fly Fishing Schools

McLennan fly fishing schools are held at a number of different locations 

in Southern Alberta, Canada. 

(Unless we are invited to teach at a fishing lodge or 

distant location we dream of going to.  :) )

We can also provide corporate schools, and schools for private groups.

Let us know if we can help in planning your group activity.

Gift certificates are available for a school or a specific amount 

to put towards the school of choice.

What would you like to learn in 2018?

We are booking daily.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Check out the Fly Fishing Schools

New for 2018   -  Stream Sense

May 10, 2018

An intimate evening with Jim McLennan.

Come and join us as we share some important things we don't often 

get the chance to discuss on the river.

This is a different type of evening than we've offered before. It's also a 

chance to pick Jim's brain and gain some insight from his 50-plus years 

of waving a fly rod around in Alberta and beyond.

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McLennan Fly Fishing Schools at a Glance

Updated Mar. 31, 2018

2018 Fly Fishing Schools

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Apr. 28         Free Casting Clinic

May 5/6       2-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

May 5          1-Day Small Stream Intensive for 4                          FULL

May 10         NEW:   Stream Sense,  An evening with Jim McLennan

May 12        1-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

May 12        Befriending the Bow for 6                                         FULL

May 26/27   2-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

June 2/3      2-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

July 7/8        2-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

July 7            Just Added:  Befriending the Bow

July 8            Just Added:  1-Day Small Stream Intensive for 4

July 12-16    Hosted Trip to Northern Lights Lodge                      FULL

July 27-29    Burmis Weekend Fly Fishing Retreat

Aug. 25/26    2-Day Intensive for 4

Sept. 23 - Sept. 29    Hosted Trip to Northern Lights Lodge         FULL

Music Performances with Jim and Lynda

Spring music performances are updated on our music page. 

Please check them out we would love to see you there and share our music with you.

This is a great time to book the McLennans for a 

House Concert for the summer or fall.

Enjoy an intimate evening of music with family and friends.

Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with live music.

We send a 'how to' sheet with all the details.  Simple and fun.

Send us an email to find out how!

Learn More about these concerts

Looking for the Ultimate 

Still Water Fly Fishing Boat?

Our friend Joe Cunningham has designed the best one-man fly-fishing boat for still water.  The Cunningham Chironomid is a trimaran boat, built around a canoe hull. Because of this It has the light weight and  ease of movement through the water of a canoe, but with stability that allows the angler to stand while fishing. It is propelled by oars, rather than a paddle and has the other things lake fly fishers need, like a rod rack and double anchors. The boat is easily loaded on a roof-rack by one person. If you fish lakes, you need to see this boat. Click here to visit the 

Cunningham Boats website.

Jim's latest Magazine Articles

FlyFusion Magazine: Vol. 15 Issue 2 now available

Feature Article:   Strategies for the Successful Drifter

Water Marks Column:  The Little Things

Articles and Stories by Jim McLennan

Jim has been writing for magazines, TV shows, books and much more for many years. 

We would like to share some of those thoughts and the knowledge he has learned along the way.  

Current Story

Not Catching 

Click here to read the current story.

Fly Fusion TV

Jim is co-host of the popular TV series, Fly Fusion TV, broadcast on the 

World Fishing Network. He and co-host Derek Bird fish some beautiful destinations throughout the northwest, but with Jim and Derek, there's 

always more to the story than just the fishing. 

Stunningly shot in 4K, the series is a visual feast. 

Tune in and find out why people 

think this is one of the best fly-fishing shows on TV. 

Visit worldfishingnetwork.com for a broadcast schedule, or to subscribe. 

To find out more about the series, visit flyfusionmag.com